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The Webascent Toolbox CMS

Our Toolbox Content Management System lets you change your own Text and Images directly.

We wanted to provide our customers with a tool that would enable them to make day-to-day changes to their site's content quickly and easily. So we developed the Webascent Toolbox CMS (Content Management System), which is a simple page editing tool that lets you keep the content areas of your website up-to-date. It will perform all the tasks normally required to keep a website fresh and informative.

Editing your Content

The Webascent Toolbox lets you change the text on your website quickly and easily.
Unlike other Content Management Systems, you can do this without using convoluted screens designed for "geeks".

Editing Text

Adding a New Text Element

With the Toolbox it's simple to add a new Text element, move it to a different location on your page or delete it if it's no longer required.

How it Works
Editing Text

Changing Text

Change your site's text and see how it affects your page with a Live Preview. Seeing how text actually looks on your page can make it a lot easier to edit.

How it Works
Editing Images

Uploading an Image

Simply upload images from your computer to a Library of images on your web server, ready to add to any of your Webascent pages.

How it Works
Editing Images

Editing and Placing an Image

Once an image is in your Toolbox's Image Library, you can use it to simply add images to any Component that has an image contained in it.

How it Works
Moving Elements on Your Page

Moving Elements Around & Deleting

Easily Move (Cut/Copy/Paste), Duplicate or Delete elements that are already on your page.

How it Works

For a more detailed description of how to use the Webascent Toolbox, please see the Toolbox User Guide Adobe PDF Format

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