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Showcase ~ Napasol AG

The Natural Food Safety Technology Company

Webascent Project Showcase Webascent Project Showcase Webascent Project Showcase Webascent Project Showcase

Napasol is a food technology safety company based in Switzerland. They approached Webascent to build a new website, very attracted by the ability for their small team to keep the pages up to date with the on-going research and development in which they are involved. They further needed the information on the site in multiple languages, English, French and German.

They chose Webascent over offers from other design agencies due to the combination of our attractive pricing and the simplicity of the Webascent Toolbox (compared to the other rather complex Content Management Systems (CMS) being proposed).

The company already had a logo, which Webascent was able to incorporate into the design of the site in accordance with the smart and precise scientific identity that the business needs to demonstrate.

They subsequently needed a private area to be accessed by signed up customers only. Webascent built for them a custom download section that was outside of the CORE package and integrated it into the new website.

Webascent Showcase

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