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Showcase ~ Waterloo UK Ltd.

A UK based Property Management and Investment Company - Building a Better Future

Webascent Project Showcase Webascent Project Showcase Webascent Project Showcase

Waterloo is a property development company based in Liverpool, UK.

Its core business is to buy distressed properties in need of updating, to renovate them to the highest standard appropriate for the areas in which they are located, and then to sell on or to rent out. The main function of the site is to inform investors and potential investors about the projects the company has been, is currently and planning to be involved with.

The design of the site needed therefore to be a vehicle to explain the reality of the projects at the same time as communicating a feeling for the high quality of building work that the business is proud of and sees as one of the keys to its continuing success.

The Webascent team was also hired to create a Corporate Identity for Waterloo, including letterhead and business cards for its staff.

Webascent Showcase

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