Great Websites for Small Businesses

The Webascent Philosophy

Why another Web Design Agency?

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Webascent is a web design agency with a difference. It was set up specifically to meet the needs of the small business.

At Webascent, we believe that your business needs and deserves a professionally designed, good looking and well functioning website. But we understand that you can't pay the earth for it, and that you need to know up-front how much it's going to cost. Additionally, we don't believe you should have to build one yourself. We appreciate that you don't have the time to be messing around on the net when you should be doing more important things, like making money out of your business.

What are your other options?

You will probably investigate some full service web design agencies and find they challenge your limited marketing budget. They might produce some great work for their customers but the cost of a good website can seriously damage the cash flow of a small business.

So you look for a budget option.

If you are lucky, you will find a local web designer who can put together a site with a much more viable price tag. Costs, however, can spiral to a bill significantly larger than anticipated. And it's a fast paced technological world out there. It's increasingly tough for the local designer, with limited resources, to keep up. Visitors notice dated design features and functions that don't function.

And then there is the multitude of much cheaper do-it-yourself, template based, options, many advertised as being totally simple to use to get great results. Warning – they are rarely as simple as they claim and are, anyway, always time consuming. A good example of a company offering such a system is SquareSpace – great if you're a web designer or geek, but not always the best choice for professionals with a business to run.

Webascent – Transparent, Personal & Cost-effective

So, we developed the Webascent system to keep costs as low as possible for the customer without compromising on looks or functionality.

We have achieved this by thinking really hard about exactly what is important in good website creation for our customers. The Webascent CORE includes just what you will need to get on-line and the process is super-efficient.

We're also enthusiastic to share with you our accumulated experience and expertise to help you find the most elegant and cost effective internet solutions. In this world of competing electronic media, your business needs them.

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