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How Webascent Works

Making it easier to build a professional website for your business.

Five Steps to a Completed Webascent Project

The Webascent system that will get your business on-line has been carefully planned to achieve the best site with the least hassle – or expense.

We have clearly defined what is included in the Webascent CORE. This means we can keep the basic cost of a website to a minimum. But if you need something extra or additional help with any part of the process just ask.

The process will require some work, from you as well as from us. You need to bring your knowledge about your business for us to turn into the website that will represent you best. At the same time, the Webascent system is designed to allow us to work together efficiently and effectively.

Step 1.   Preparation

After you've filled in the Get Started form, we start the process of building you a new Webascent site by asking about your objectives.

A Webascent Guide will be assigned to your project, who is your personal contact throughout the entire Webascent process.

The importance of this preparation stage should not be underestimated, as it provides the building blocks from which we can create the website that will look and function exactly as you want it to.

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Step 2.   Structure

Website structure is about organising the content of your website so that visitors can easily find what they need (your site's Main and Sub Menus).

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Step 3.   Visual Design

We have found that it is more efficient to treat the structure and design stages separately. Having agreed the structure of your site we will start work on the Visual Design.

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Step 4.   Add Your Content

When the pages of the website have been built but before the site goes live, it is time for you to add your text and the images using the Webascent Toolbox CMS.

How it Works

Step 5.   Go Live!

Once you're happy with the contents of your new Webascent site, we'll remove the "Coming Soon" page and your site will be visible to your customers.

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